Stay still, do nothing special.


We have words like “Nikkou-yoku” and “Shinrin-yoku” in Japanese. They mean “Soaking up some sun” and “Relaxing in the forest”. “Yoku” means the action for healing or relaxation. In the season when the drift ice appears, you are surrounded with slience and fresh air, and you can see the ice field horizon clearly… it’s the most beautiful seascape you’ve never seen and you feel like watching it for a while. However, you cannot stand the cold if you try to stay long.Then we propose a new activity “Ryuhyo-yoku” that you should be in a sleeping bag and sit on a comfortable chair! We are sure that it makes you feel relaxed.


Feel the wind from drift ice field.

15 minutes later

We take some photos and videos of you by drone.

30 minutes later

We make you some hot chocolate.
It makes you warm from insede.


We send the photos and videos to your smart phones lastly.
Please post them on Instagram!

Ryohyou-yoku Details

Opening period
From end of January till begening of March 2020
Opening hours From 9:00am to 16:30pm
Rental fee
For a set of sleeping bag and chair : 3,500JPY 
Active time